These years are filled with…

Anything and everything.

Being in your 20’s is where you get to experience, explore, create, and make mistakes that determine the rest of your life. Both exciting and scary, the opportunities we take and the relationships that we make count in these years. Whether you are fresh out of college, turning 20 in college, married, single, or just looking for an adventure, these are the years to do what you have dreamed of doing. These are the years to pick up that book you’ve always wanted to read, to buy your dream apartment and finally use those Pinterest inspired decor ideas. Between traveling to those dream places, taking that class you always wanted to take, starting your first internship, or beginning at that entry-level job that pays 9 dollars an hour, I hope to show how to make the best out of these years. Your 20’s is a place in your life to find who you are, what you want be, and to fully embrace every part of life.

I may just be turning 20, but this will be my way of showing the world how to make the most out of these 10 years that will determine the rest of my years.

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